I haven't fixed craigslist since i found this internet gem

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I'll tell you a story about noodles noodles, a bad breakup, that ninjas threw stars and a waterbed. And why the first time I used Craigslist was also the last

The gap wasn't with the boy. It was with a bad neighbor. Not just "oh I didn't do bdid today" kind of bad roommate. What's more, " I'm going to play rap music in full in my room at 3:00 in the morning. There's a lot of dirty dishes, dirty linen and fish tanks I've never cleaned as a bad neighbor

I am, of course, not very good at confrontation, especially when it comes to telling the former best friend that they are the common person to live with

Although we were friends after school (you never knew anyone until you lived with them), the situation became untenable. And I, of course, are not very good at confrontation-especially when it comes to telling the former best friend that they are just the person you can live with, so I was the only reasonable person to move

It was like a divorce. I moved out of a house in a suburb into one bedroom in town. I kept the cat (reading, "child"), which we adopted together. But my roommate kept all the things she brought to the house, including the microwave oven

So my first night in my new place was very rainy, and all I wanted was a bowl of noodles. Except microwaves

I did what most people at my age would do and put on Craigslist. In fact, I've never used him before, and he has always been in the process of meeting with a stranger stranger to buy something

This is a place where Ninja comes into play, throwing stars and water beds in the game

But I went against my instincts, found a nearby location at a reasonable price in the microwave and went to pick it up. This is a place where Ninja comes into play, throwing stars and water beds in the game

It turns out that the person I'm going to call him, Phil (not his real name) lived in an apartment in the basement

When I knocked on the door, not-his-Real-name-Phil invited me to what looked like a man cave, around 1991, and it was as bad as you could imagine. A lava lamp was sitting on the kitchen counter in the kitchen, and a collection of samurai swords hung on the walls, hanging on the walls of biscuits, a poster with girls from a bikini, and a Confederating flag on the wall. Next to the bed? Terrareum stenium, bought in red light, in a residential python

Besides, there was a smell of beer and a cheap blanket over the house

"Cool ... so yes, if I could get that microwave ..."

"Oh, yeah, yeah, no problem," not Phil. "But I don't know if you're ..."

I was officially on the alert status: Red

At this point, I must note that Phil had a haircut that I could only describe as a "nut"; like a mule, but with wings on the side. He had a full tattoo of a naked lady on his arm. I know because he wasn't wearing a shirt when he answered the door

I was officially on the alert state, Red. "And if you think at this point, " this guy can't be real, I just know what I was thinking. Phil got out of the bedroom, Phil took out a handful of ninjas with an asterisk. Just like in the movie kung-fu, ninjas were thrown out of the stars

"No, man, I'm fine."

I wasn't very good. I'd like to have access to ASAP

"Are you sure?" To the question of Fik-Phil. " They're quite easy. I'm pretty sure they're illegal. "

And then I'm Suar-e-e-e-e-Phil has started throwing stars on a poster above his water post. It's like it's supposed to be a sales point for me to buy ninjas with an asterisk

The waterfall bed did exactly the way you're supposed to. She's got a leak in the water and Phil Cave's plala

I started slowly getting out of Phil's log. No noodles on the ground don't have to deal with this weirdo. That's when Phil threw out another star, and she got into a water bed. Of course it is. The waterfall bed did exactly the way you're supposed to. She's got a leak in the water and Phil Cave's plala

This was my first and last experience with Craigslist. And no, I didn' t even get the microwave

I still need a microwave oven, and I wasn't ready to pay the full price for the new one. I needed to find a place on the Internet where I could safely buy things without having to run to another Phil

It happens when I find it

Millions of people are using

There are several key benefits of using VarageSale, but my favorite feature is a dedicated administrator that protects each member of the community. With real photos and real names and names, it's a knitting "without a charmer."

In short, I ended up with VarageSale to buy a microwave from a very nice lady in my block, and it was a pair of noodles in my nice clean apartment ever since

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